Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Leverage Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and more with integrated social media, feeds, links and sharing. Let everyone know about your business and website using the power of social networking.

Social Media Marketing (or SMM)

Social media marketing or optimization means creating interest in your products and traffic for your website through Social Media. Some good examples of social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more.


SMM will improve your search engine ranking through increased traffic and linking as well as help create a buzz around your products and/or services before your website is highly ranked on Google or other search engines.

While the success of SEO is dependent on a good website and high-ranking content, the success of SMM focuses on your reputation. In other words, people need to really like something about your company or product/service you are offering. With Social media you are building interest in your company and your products.


Facebook and similar sites are a great way to help your potential and existing clients/ customers learn more about your products and your company. They are easy to use and can be intergraded to most CMS sites.


YouTube is a great way to show off your videos, your videos can be on your site but stored on YouTube. This not only helps you get found through You Tube, it means smoother video loading on your site.

When you start showing up on Stumbleupon, You Tube and other similar sites, you will see vastly improved search rankings. When SMM is done right, traffic to your site can increase overnight. Visitors can create links to their sites and help your ranking go up even further.

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